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Connecting Varied and Complex Systems To Improve Delivery of Patient Care

Value-based Care requires EHRs and other business control systems to connect with aligned partners and an array of payers. With thousands of EMR alternatives on the market, no health organization can take on the demands and challenges of integration. That’s where Blue Iris comes in.

About Blue Iris

Blue Iris is the healthcare division of MITEM Corporation. Founded in 1985 by Aurel Kleinerman, MD, Ph.D., MITEM provides integration software and expertise that allows disparate software systems to share critical data, enabling the automation of business processes.

MITEM’s core integration technology has been refined over 35 years of development and customer feedback. This experience enables us to provide healthcare organizations with one of the most robust and reliable integration platforms available.

Our Blue Iris cloud-based iSaaS integration platform is used extensively by healthcare organizations to integrate the latest and most sophisticated physician office EMR solutions with a wide range of health enterprise systems. In addition, the Blue Iris iSaaS platform is used to deliver applications that improve physician office communication and enable healthcare providers to enter lab orders eLaborate and receive results from laboratory information systems (LIS).